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VR CASE Bluetooth Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Touch Function

VR CASE Bluetooth Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Touch Function

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VR CASE Bluetooth Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Touch Function



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Main Features:
1.Physical buttons and touch mouse to control mobile phones
No need to take off the cover and control the phone directly. Fingers touch to play, fast forward, fast back, volume+/-, video fast positioning, mute, pause, brightness adjustment, menu and other settings. Provides easier manipulations and supports IOS & Android system.
2.Optical special made 4.0 lenses, improved viewing experience, and fundamentally solved problems as distortion (image deformation), low light transmittance, dazzling, big error value of optical algorithm and lens rupture and short service life which traditional resin lenses contains. It takes you into a real optical level VR world to experience 3D virtual reality.
3.Exclusive powerful magnetic adsorption panel, easy installing and removing. It also settles issues of phone cooling and uncomfortable wearing experience. One key adjustment function for pupil distance and focus: it’s able to satisfy the use of myopic users under 700 degrees with naked eyes by adjusting pupil and object distance! Thanks to its strong compatibility, any mobile phone of 4~6 inches is available in this machine!
VR BOX 2.0’s advanced substitution: VR CASE touch control all-in-one RK-A1
Product name: VR CASE touch control all-in-one glass
Product type: RK-A1
Myopia adjustment: 0-700 °
Screen Size: 4.0-6 inches(for xiaomi redmi note 3 pro)
Mobile phones Size: 160 * 85mm 163 * 82mm or less
The size and resolution phone screen (4.7-5.5 optimum screen, the resolution more higher more better,in generally 720 or more may be used)
Video quality of sources (Recommendation above 720p, 1080P best, the film format  must be suitable for left and right)
Phone resolution proposal is more than 1080P, better experience of the effect.
Watch the effect is equivalent to the 1050 big-screen viewing of 5 meters;
Suit for myopia 700 degrees or less,if myopia relatively deep, can be directly to wear glasses to watch;
Package include:
1 * 3D VR Glasses
1 * User Manual

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