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BlitzWolf BW-VR3 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Remote Control Gamepad

BlitzWolf BW-VR3 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Remote Control Gamepad

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BlitzWolf BW-VR3 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset with Bluetooth Remote Control Gamepad


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BlitzWolf® BW-VR3 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset:

Product information:
 Brand  BlitzWolf®
 Model  BW-VR3
 OS Support  Android & iOS
 Compatible Screen Size   3.5" to 6.3" screens
 Maximum Smartphone Size Length: 168mm; width: 83.5mm; depth :13mm
 Lens  2 * 42mm Mitsubishi PMMA Aspherical Lenses (FOV108°)
 Pupil Distance Adjustment  55mm-65mm
 Focal Distance Adjustment  56-60mm
  Screen Resolution   1080P or higher (recommended)
 Visual Experience  The equivalent of being five meters away from a 320-inch screen
 Material  ABS shell & soft artificial perforated leather straps
 Weight  390g(glasses)+150g(package) 
 VR3 Dimensions  200*107*140mm
 Color  Black
Product description:

Highly Compatible: 
*Compatible with 3.5"- 6.3" screen smartphones with Andriod or IOS .
*Works with over 500+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Is my device compatible?
 If your phone is compatible with VR APPs, the Blitzwolf VR glasses are compatible with your phone. You can scan the QR code below and download  a VR APP to test your phones compatibility.
Our Best VR Ever: 
*42mm Mitsubishi PMMA Aspherical FOV108°Lenses with an 8-layer nano-coating that has been polished 5 times.
*Improved soft artificial perforated leather around the eye area and headband to make it comfortable and cool to wear. 
*The rubber pads in the phone clamp can be adjusted to match you device, this prevents smartphone side buttons being accidentally pressed when mounted in the goggles.

Adjustable fit:
*Pupil distance and focal distance can be adjusted to match your eyes. At a range of 55mm - 65mm(PD) and 56-60mm(FD), it can be used without glasses if your eye focus is below 500 degrees. Each eye can be focused independently.

Convenient and Practical Design:
*The front cover is magnetically attached and can be easily removed to improve ventilation and keep your device cool. Some VR apps use the smartphone camera and the front cover can also be removed to give the rear camera visibility.
* With accessible open sides, you can easily connect a pair of headphones to your smartphone.
Multifunctional Wireless Bluetooth VR Glasses Remote Control Gamepad:

Product Specifications:
Item Specifications
Size 130mmx60mmx14mm
Wireless Protocol Bluetooth 3.0 compliant
Wireless Distance 2-10 Meters
OS Android /IOS/PC
CPU ARM968E-S Core
Battery Type size alkaline AAA 1.5V x 2
Working time (Continuous game) About 40 hours
Work current 0.5~8mA
Standby current 0.5-1mA
Shutdown current <20uA

Note:  When the remote controller on Game mode, it only can be use for the game which support game handle.
            And for the IOS, it only can be use for the icade game.
            For more detail and function, please read the instructions.

1. Support Android/PC (GAMEPAD): NES/GB/GBC/SFC/SMD /N64 / PSX/MAME. Android APK game. iOS: iCade game. 
2. Support Android system version 3.0 or above.
3. Two kinds of mode, turn it to the game mode and it become a gamepad, turn it to the key mode and it can control the camera and music of the phone.
4. Multiple functions: Gamepad, Wireless mouse(just for Android), Bluetooth Selfie, VR controller, Music controller, eBook page controller.  


Package includes: 
1 x BlitzWolf® BW-VR3 3D VR Glasses 
1 x Bluetooth Gamepad Remote Control  (Batteries not included)

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